CABLE (Connecting and Building Learning Experiences) is a voluntary initiative committed to break the barriers undergraduates are facing when it comes to postgraduate education.

Our flagship Research Mentorship Programme connects undergraduates interested in research with brilliant postgraduate scholars all around the world, who will go on to inspire a new generation of future researchers.

Behind CABLE is a group of volunteers who are running and expanding this initiative so that more students can benefit from mentorship.

Students on Campus

Our Goal is to make Research, Mentorship, and Education Accessible for All.


mentors and mentees involved


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nationalities across the world


Satisfaction Rated by Students

At CABLE, we don’t just connect people; we make people’s mentorship experience. CABLE was built on the belief that mentorship should be tailored to each mentor and mentee, and we carry that belief into everything we do.

Our Core Values

We practice what we preach

Interdisciplinary research collaboration

Encouraging cross-disciplinary collaboration between undergraduates and postgraduates through research projects

Inclusive learning opportunities

Closing the gap between research-oriented vs non-research oriented universities where there is an imbalance in research opportunities available

Inspiration for the next generation of leaders

Allowing undergraduates to gain early exposure to research careers and postgraduates to hone leadership skills