How it Works


Before joining, please make sure you are able to commit your time during the mentorship window. CABLE mentorship programmes run in 3 cohorts per year:

  • January to March

  • July to September (starting from 2023)

  • October to December

The cycle of each cohort will then be 3 months long each, and this period will include time for mentee interviews, mentee selection and the actual mentorship. Within each cohort, the actual start and end dates of the mentorship is flexible. We require a minimum duration of 6 weeks for the mentorship programme.

Each cohort follows the 4-step cycle below:

Students During Break


Mentor Recruitment

CABLE Mentors are shortlisted and interviewed through a holistic application process to reflect our mission to Inspire, Innovate and propel forward in Interdisciplinary fields.


Mentee Recruitment

Once CABLE Mentors profile advertisements are launched, we welcome all undergraduates to check out the profiles and apply to become a Mentee.


Learning Plan

Through assessing the mentee applications and video interviews, the Mentors will decide which candidate they are able to support the most through this mentorship programme.

When the Mentor-Mentee pairs are finalised, a CABLE Advisor will set up a Learning Plan meeting with both the Mentor and Mentee to set learning goals and agree on ways to measure progress.


Mentorship Kick-off

When the Learning Plan is set up, the Mentor-Mentee pair can then kick-start their mentorship programme for the agreed duration.


The CABLE Team will act as facilitators for the programme and will collect ongoing feedback to improve the Mentorship Programme.


What are the benefits of participation in the CABLE Research Mentorship Programme?

Students who participate in our mentorship programme benefit from advising, guidance and coaching from a mentor as well as formal and informal networking opportunities. Click here to read more testimonials from our past participants.

Postgraduates who participate as mentors benefit from mentor training and other resource information about career development programs. Mentors gain personal contacts and develop professional relationships with their mentees.

What happens at the end of the agreed mentorship period/cohort? Can I continue my mentorship relationship?

At the end of the “official” mentoring programme, if you and your mentor/mentee wish to continue your mentoring relationship, we encourage you to do so. Mentorship is rewarding in any setting and at any time. Mentorship relationships are not tracked beyond the agreed time period.

What is the commitment for mentors/mentees?

Mentors and mentees are required to meet once a week, for about an hour, over a period of between 6 to 12 weeks.

What guidance is provided for mentors and mentees?

Mentors and mentees are provided with a welcome pack, which includes a mentorship program contract, instructions, guidelines, and the Learning Plan to be completed by both the mentor and the mentee. There is a Learning Plan Meeting at the beginning of each mentoring relationships that both mentors and mentees are required to attend,  and a Mid-term meeting is offered to participants. 

Are there any requirements to be a mentor?

Mentors agree to provide feedback on the mentee’s Learning Plan goals and objectives. Mentors should be professional and straightforward at all times and are asked to keep all personal and work discussions confidential.

One of the most significant contributions a mentor can make is to help the mentee develop career goals and to move toward the realization of these goals. Mentors should be honest, committed, respectful of their mentees, and willing to share themselves. Effective evaluation is a significant trait of a good mentoring relationship.

Can I participate in the Mentorship Programme more than once as a mentor or a mentee?

Yes, both mentors and mentees can participate in the program multiple times in multiple roles. So a person can register to be a mentee more than once, and then later choose to register as a mentor if they wish. Mentors can also participate as many times as they desire. 

Mentees are encouraged to help others by participating as a mentor in the future. The “graduation” of mentees to mentors permits this program to continue to help other aspiring students by meeting the ever-growing demand for mentors.