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Virtual mentorship, and how to do it right

Updated: May 8

Two years into what is no longer a 'new norm', are we fully ready for 100% virtual relationships? We discuss how mentoring can be effective in a remote space.

We used to be largely confined by physical proximity when it came to looking for personal relationships, including mentor-mentee dynamics. The concept of virtual mentorship extends the realm of possibilities for us to meet people who are not in our shared geography, therefore making it possible to be more inclusive than ever. This wonderful piece by Ellen Ensher, Ph.D. and Brad Johnson on the Harvard Business Review sums up 5 focus areas to ensure a successful virtual mentoring relationship. These are:

  1. Building trust

  2. Clarifying rules of engagement

  3. Being intentional when starting the mentorship

  4. Balancing authenticity with boundaries

  5. Collaborating wherever possible

CABLE was built with the mission to utilise virtual mentorship to close the gap between undergraduate and postgraduate students all across the world. We want out mentor-mentee pairs to succeed, which is why each and every mentoring pair is facilitated by a dedicated Project Advisor to make sure they are doing virtual mentorship the right way.

Our PAs make sure mentors and mentees set SMART objectives and manage expectations on both end, while checking in every now and then to make sure there is an ongoing, collaborative relationship. This is what makes us so special! Here’s a huge shoutout to our Project Advisors Yi Xuan Lee Sermila Ispartaligil Jacky Lo Teng Zhi Sean for making mentorship at CABLE effective and fun :)

Does virtual mentorship sound like something up your alley? If you are hoping to join us as a mentor or mentee, get in touch with us today!

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