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About the Role

Would you like to share your disciplinary expertise with budding researchers and those interested in your field?

Do you have buzzing ideas for a growing mentorship community to expand its reach and diversify its efforts to serve more students?

Be a part of our Advisory Board today! To better serve our ever-growing community and to expand on our eminence, CABLE is planning to establish an Advisory Board that will serve as strategic advisors of our organisation.


  • Guide participants of our other (future) programmes (this will be communicated before the programmes are rolled out)

  • Be a part of CABLE initiatives to further drive the community forward

  • Commit at least 2 to 4 hours per month - you may not always be invited to advise, your commitment would depend on various factors (e.g., your discipline, needs of our current mentors, mentees, participants, etc.). So, this duration is an average estimate.

  • Provide mentor-mentee pairs with guidance on how to fully make use of their mentorship (on ad-hoc basis)

Selection criteria
  • Passionate about making research and education interdisciplinary, inclusive, and innovative

  • Can demonstrate EITHER expertise in a specific expertise (e.g., if you are pursuing a PhD) OR breadth of experience (e.g., through experience in different fields, experience working in academia and industry, etc.)

  • Preferably have previously mentored in our Research Mentorship Programme

Please view the full role description here.

What's in it for you?

  • Lead and inspire a whole generation of young researchers through mentorship

  • Advise a budding research mentorship community and contribute your expertise

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