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Why do I need mentorship in my life?

Research is better together. Mentorship accelerates the process of learning for both the mentor and the mentee.

Evidence shows that undergraduate research helps increase undergraduates’ persistence in pursuing their current degree and future postgraduate education. Furthermore, it helps promote career pathways for underrepresented groups by increasing the retention rate of undergraduates from minority backgrounds.

However, research is out of reach for many people. Some cannot afford the unpaid labour on and off term-time, others may not see role models in their desired field of study, and even undergraduates report not having the opportunities to conduct research during their time in higher education institutions.

CABLE was born with the intention to connect undergraduate students with postgraduate students who are conducting their own research. We aim to promote undergraduate research, therefore:

  • closing the gap between undergraduates and postgraduate education,

  • cultivating the next generation of leaders who will inspire one other to pursue further research in their field of interest,

  • creating a community of researchers who will support each other across discipline and regions.

With CABLE, we make sure that all you need to mentor or to be mentored, is passion, grit, and a stable internet connection.

Our Mentors

CABLE mentors are current postgraduates, postdocs or researchers who have achieved notable academic success or have a background in research across several disciplines. Coupled with their passion to inspire, they become your ally and foster an open and encouraging relationship to support you to achieve your learning goals.


A good mentor imparts analytical thinking and actionable guidance, helping you to identify opportunity and risk, and develop both soft and hard skills you need to overcome challenges in your academic career.

Our mentors are carefully selected to ensure they embody our values to Inspire, Innovate and be open to Interdisciplinary mentorship opportunities. Currently, our mentors hail from 12 different countries and are/have been affiliated with prestigious institutions across the world, including the following universities:


Roles in the Programme

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Lecturer at University of Twente

“I joined the programme because I thought that it was a great opportunity to develop myself even more, to provide my developed skills to my mentees and to become part of a growing community in which people want to learn from each other. Luckily, my expectations were met! Since my experience was so positive I have decided to stay a Mentor during future programmes in which I am excited to meet and learn from new people across the world.“

Image by Yusron El Jihan
Final Year Medical Student at The National University of Malaysia

“I really like the way I communicate with my mentor as well as the Project Advisor because everyone is so friendly. This gave me the courage to ask “silly questions”. The whole mentorship experience was an enjoyable and stress-free learning journey for me.“

Image by Jeswin Thomas
2nd Year Psychology Student at University College London

“I like that it was focused on individual development and setting individual goals. The fact that we had a learning plan and set goals definitely helped to bring some structure into the whole experience, and I felt that it was organized well across the span of the mentorship.“


Interested to know more? Check out our 'How it Works' and programme FAQ page.

Roles in the Programme


CABLE mentors have told us they want to be the person they wish they had when they were in their undergraduate years. They inspire and get inspired by becoming a mentor who will guide the way for aspiring young researchers


CABLE mentees are proactive, self-motivated learners at the undergradiate level who want to succeed and are looking for the tailored support to achieve their goals.

Project Advisor

CABLE Project Advisors are specially trained to facilitate CABLE Mentorships and act as the key figure in helping Mentors and Mentees create an effective mentorship programme.