Project Advisors

The facilitators for each mentor-mentee pair!

Project Advisors are a key part of what makes CABLE's Research Mentorship Programme successful. CABLE Project Advisors: 

  • Act as the first point of contact for mentor and mentee pairs

  • Facilitate the development of the learning plan, which allows mentors and mentees to set their goals and plan their activities for the duration of the programme

  • Support mentor and mentee pairs during the programme

Our Project Advisors

Lee Yi Xuan
The National University of Malaysia (UKM)
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Yi Xuan is a final year medical student at The National University of Malaysia (UKM). She loves listening to stories of people from all walks of life. Aside from her extensive leadership experience, she is an active volunteer in healthcare, human rights, education, and environmental protection.

Sermila Ispartaligil
University College London
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Sermila is a second year Arts and Sciences (BASc) student at UCL. Having participated in various mentorships and written for publications in diverse areas, she loves exploring different subjects and the links between. She likes arts, reading, and nature sports. She is a volunteer and a believer in change.

Teng Zhi Sean
University of Malaya
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Zhi Sean is a 3rd-year medical student from Malaysia. He has a wide variety of interest which ranges from medicine, research to investments and arts. He loves talking to people from different kinds of backgrounds and is up to new challenges and opportunities.

Jacky, Chun Kai Lo
University College London
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Jacky is a fourth year Neuroscience student at UCL. As an aspiring research scientist, he is interested in investigating the links between mutations and diseases. He is also a music enthusiast and likes connecting with people from different backgrounds.