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Our Mentors

Kian-Yong Lee

Researcher Scientist




Gilead Sciences

PF 4 M. Haandrikman.jpg
Marleen Haandrikman

Lecturer and Researcher in Psychology of Conflict, Risk and Safety


University of Twente | University of Amsterdam

Cher Shen Kiar

PhD Researcher in Advanced Therapies for Regenerative Medicine

King's College London | Wellcome Trust

Anushree Joshi.jpg
Anushree Joshi

MA in Social Work

Tata Institute of Social Sciences

Why Join CABLE's mentorship programme?

Impact across the world

CABLE (previously Connect.ed Global) have been spreading our impact across the globe, with mentors hailing from prestigious institutions worldwide, including Princeton University, UCL, Utrecht University, and Monash University.

Tailored mentorship

The flexibility of mentorship programmes at CABLE allows Mentors to give Mentees the support that they need in order to succeed. We believe in keeping the learning content customisable for each individual mentee to maximise learning potential, but also with structured goals that keep both parties accountable for their learning.

Commitment and Support

Each Mentor is individually interviewed by our CABLE team. With our collaborative Learning Goals, our Mentees are committed to the programme and dedicated towards working towards common objectives.

Our team of Project Advisors are trained to facilitate every touchpoint in the Mentor-Mentee’s journey with CABLE, and go on to support the Mentors in creating engaging and effective mentorship programmes.

The best part? CABLE is fully free.

CABLE is a voluntary, not-for-profit initiative. We are run by a team of committed volunteers, and all mentoring services are offered by our dedicated mentors for free.

We are on our way to make postgraduate education more accessible than ever. If you would like to support this cause, do reach out – our inbox is always open!


Image by Gaining Visuals
Lecturer at University of Twente

“I joined the programme because I thought that it was a great opportunity to develop myself even more, to provide my developed skills to my mentees and to become part of a growing community in which people want to learn from each other. Luckily, my expectations were met! Since my experience was so positive I have decided to stay a Mentor during future programmes in which I am excited to meet and learn from new people across the world.“

Image by Yusron El Jihan
Final Year Medical Student at The National University of Malaysia

“I really like the way I communicate with my mentor as well as the Project Advisor because everyone is so friendly. This gave me the courage to ask “silly questions”. The whole mentorship experience was an enjoyable and stress-free learning journey for me.“

Image by Jeswin Thomas
2nd Year Psychology Student at University College London

“I like that it was focused on individual development and setting individual goals. The fact that we had a learning plan and set goals definitely helped to bring some structure into the whole experience, and I felt that it was organized well across the span of the mentorship.“

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